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Guión: Matt Kindt
Dibujo: Wilfredo Torres
Colección: Recomendados Wash
Género: Novela negra
Editorial: Dark Horse
Edición: TP
Fecha de publicación: Noviembre 2020
Páginas: 152 págs. Color

A best-of-the-best secret agent with memories he couldn't possibly possess, a mystery writer in her eighties who spends her retirement solving crimes, a man of action with mysterious drugs that keep him ahead of a constant string of targeted disasters, a seemingly omnipotent terrorist organization that might be behind it all . . . And they're all connected to one man: a science-fiction author with more information than seems possible, whose books may hold the key to either saving reality or destroying it. Collects BANG! #1-#5, along with all covers, a sketchbook section, and pinups by Matt Kindt.

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