Beasts of Burden: Wise Dog and Eldritch Men #1 - #4 | VAR COVER

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Guión: Evan Dorkin
Dibujo: Benjamin Dewey
Género: Futuros distópicos
Editorial: Dark Horse Comic
Edición: Grapa
Fecha de publicación: Febrero 2019 | Serie completa
Incluye: Beasts of Burden #1 - #4

  • Beasts of Burden #1 · Rafael Albuquerque | Var Cover · 1st printing
  • Beasts of Burden #2 · Dustin Nguyen | Variant Cover
  • Beasts of Burden #3 · Tyler Crock | Variant Cover
  • Beasts of Burden #4 · Jill Thompson | Variant Cover

Todos los cómics en formato grapa se entregan dentro de una funda Free Acid con cubierta backing board.

''Beasts of Burden balances humor, heart, and horror and fosters the contrast necessary to elevate a genre.''--MTV

A heroic pack of canines known as the Wise Dogs set off on a mission to clean up a Pennsylvania corridor plagued by seemingly unrelated occult disturbances that include a fire salamander and a horde of mutant lurkers. A link is found among the various disturbances, leading our heroes to a mountain village inhabited by a survivalist witch-cult who have discovered the existence of a ''Blood Lure'' attracting occult forces, creatures, and many more terrors to Burden Hill!

Collects variant issues #1-#4

* The eight-time Eisner-winning series is back!