PEARL #7 - #12


Guión: Brian Michael Bendis
Dibujo: Michael Gaydos
Género: Thriller
Editorial: JinxWorld
Edición: Grapa
Fecha de publicación: Septiembre 2019
Incluye: Pear #7 - #12

  • Cover #7 | Teddy H. Kristiansen Var Cover
  • Cover #8 | Tula Lotay Var Cover
  • Cover #9 | Regular Cover
  • Cover #10 | George Pratt Cover
  • Cover #11 | Taki Soma Cover
  • Cover #12 | David Mack Cover

Todas nuestras grapas se entregan dentro de una funda Free Acid, cubierta backing board y pegatina para cerrar y almacenar

The new yakuza crime epic begins a bold new chapter! Meet Pearl, a talented tattoo artist for elite members of the yakuza in San Francisco. Following the tragedy of her mother's death, Pearl tattooed her albino skin with an elaborate full-body tattoo you can see only when she is flushed with excitement- or rage. Now Pearl has learned the truth behind her family, her clan, and her upbringing, all of which sends her heading to Tokyo to face her legacy head-on!

The award-winning creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis (Superman, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man: Miles Morales) and artist Michael Gaydos (Jessica Jones) turn up the heat as they continue story of one of 2018's best new characters!

Collects Pearl #7-12.

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