Guión: Ed BrubakerEd Brubaker
Dibujo: Sean Phillips
Género: Novela negra
Editorial: Image
Edición: Hard Cover
Fecha de publicación: Diciembre 2020
Páginas: 144 págs. Color

Sex, drugs, and murder in 1980s Los Angeles... And the best new twist on paperback pulp heroes since The Punisher or Jack Reacher.

Meet Ethan Reckless: Your trouble is his business, for the right price. But when a fugitive from his radical student days reaches out for help, Ethan must face the only thing he fears...his own past.

ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS, the modern masters of crime noir, bring us the last thing anyone expected from them-a good guy. A bold new series of original graphic novels, with three books releasing over the next year, each a full-length story that stands on its own.